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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Getting started with personal coaching is difficult for two reasons. First, if you've never had a coach before it's difficult to understand how having a coach benefits you. Second, it's difficult to know if that coach will be a good fit for you? We think the best way to answers these questions is to give it a try. So we are making your first month free, with no commitment.

Why are we doing this?

As coaches, we've learned that there are many things we can do to tailor our coaching to different athletes and different disciplines within cycling. But we recognize that coaching is a relationship at its core. By making the first month free, we are giving the coach and athlete a chance to build that relationship. It gives the athlete the chance to see the benefits and both the coach and athlete a chance to make that relationship work.

Here are the details:

Get in touch and get started with a coach. At the end of the first month we'll check-in and see if you want to continue. There is no commitment. Simple as that.

You can get started at the link below:

JM Coaching Group grew out of JM Coaching services which was the name of Coach Joe's personal coaching which started back in 2013. After growing his own coaching to a level that supported his own racing, he realized that he could help younger racers by helping them coach as well. JM Coaching Group was born. JM Coaching group is different because it puts coaches in a position to help each other by establishing a common training framework and nomenclature so that coaches can communicate effectively. It opens lines of communication and encourages coaches to ask each other questions and to help each other with their athletes. It combines resources so that coaches can focus on coaching more and less on running a business. And finally, it allows talented athletes with a knack for coaching to do so without the huge barriers to entry that are involved with starting your own coaching service. This means better coaching relationship for athletes and coaches.

You can learn more about the project here:

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