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Introducing JM Coaching Group

Welcome to a new adventure, many years in the making. Coach Joe here. Back in 2013, I started coaching as a way to support my own racing as well as pay forward the knowledge and experience that had been both given to me and earned through racing. Over the past 6 years, JM Coaching has held various places in my life just as my racing has transformed from hobby to career and back to hobby. Throughout my racing career, I became frustrated with how difficult it was to make a decent living as a bike racer. No doubt it's a sport of passion, but I believe that the lack of opportunity keeps many from pursuing their dreams and reaching their potential. That is what I am personally trying to do. I am trying to provide talented athletes with a way to pursue their racing dreams and at the same time helping their own clients do the same.

The concept for JM Coaching Group came into focus after I realized how a handful of different needs and problems matched up together perfectly. My unique experience as an athlete then elite athlete and then a coach enabled me to recognize how it could work. As an athlete I found that each coach had their own style, if it worked for you awesome, but after a few years it would grow stale and you'd have to start all over with a new coach. On top of that some coaching style just didn't work for me. It's difficult to commit to training with a coach if you don't know how effective the training will be for you. As a coach I was on the other side of this. There we some athletes that I didn't match up with well and I didn't want to waste their time. On top of that as people grow and change my ability to coach them wouldn't always match up. It can make retaining athletes and having a stable income difficult. Which as an elite athlete was very important. I needed a predictable income to be able to plan my season and to focus on training fully to reach my potential. I also found that my own coaching would grow stale. I needed to continually grow and learn to become a better coach. While certifications and continuing education are an essential part of this, on a day to day basis it becomes so easy to overly use the same patterns.

The disconnect can be solved by putting coaches together in a different way. JM Coaching group is different because it puts coaches in a position to help each other by establishing a common training framework and nomenclature so that coaches can communicate effectively. It opens these lines of communication and encourages coaches to ask questions from each other and to help each other with their athletes. It combines resources so that coaches can focus on coaching more and less on running a business. And finally to my personal goal, It allows talented athletes with a knack for coaching to do so without the huge barriers to entry that are involved with starting your own coaching service. This means better coaching for athletes and greatly reduced barriers for aspiring coaches to get started.

So how can you get involved? If you're looking for a coach, drop us a inquiry to get started with a coach. If you want to know more about the coaches, check out the coaches page. Having a personal coach is one of the best ways to get the most out of your training. You get more effective workouts because they are targeting your specific needs. You also get someone to help make sense of it all and knowing that "why" makes a big difference in terms of motivation and results. If you're not looking for a coach or not ready to dive in, you can also follow along with us on our social channels and at this blog. We'll be posting content as our knowledge base grows. You can also check out the library of training plans. Finally we want to know what questions you have! What content are you looking for? Reach out via the general contact or through the chat window and let us know if you have any questions.

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