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Introducing: Forward endurance

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

For me, JM Coaching Services started as way to support my cycling career. It then became a way for me to help other cyclists achieve their own goals. Then as a way to help aspiring cyclist support their own careers. Each step along the way, as the focus changed the business changed along with it. The next change has already happened and its about time we acknowledged it. The business is no longer about me. When I started working with Caleb as an athlete back in 2018, I knew he was a talented athlete. But I now realize that he's an exceptional coach as well. He's been coaching athletes for the past couple years and at this moment is more of a business partner.

To reflect this fact, we are changing the name of the business and re-branding. We discussed name ideas back and forth but settled on something we had in common, Madison and Wisconsin. We met in Madison while I was going to school and he was born and raised. So we cannot think of anything more fitting than the state motto; Forward.

To us, forward captures both of our past, present, and futures. It is an ideal we strive to live by. It captures the essence of what a cyclist and athlete does on a day to day basis. Importantly it also reflects the fact that this business is as much his as mine. So with that said, I would like acknowledge the hard work Caleb has put into the business, the excellent coach he has become, and I would like to formally introduce: Forward Endurance.

It has been a crazy and fun journey so far, and with this moment to reflect back on it, I am grateful to all those who have supported me thus far, and to Caleb for joining me. Keep your eyes on this space for all the latest announcements and developments.


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