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Joseph Maloney



Hey everyone, I’m Coach Joe. I have been racing my bike for 10+ years and started coaching 2013 to support my own racing as well as pass on my knowledge to younger riders along the way. Although it started as a way to pay the bills, it grew into much more, it became a passion to see my athletes succeed. I’ve grown to deeply enjoy the process of getting to know athletes on a personal level and through their performances and results.

As a professional bike racer I raced a wide variety of disciplines within road, mountain bikes, and cyclocross. I have experience as a Category 2 on the road, and a Pro XC and CX racer. I focused my efforts on national level XCO style of racing as well as Marathon style events more recently. I also spend the fall and winter racing CX in the national circuit. I am most proud of my top performances in national level events gaining me UCI point, racing the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup, as well as top finishes at XC nationals. On the CX bike, I was extremely proud of my 6th place at collegiate nationals and a 21st place at CX nationals in Boulder, CO. With my years of experience coaching, I’ve learned that there isn’t one way to coach an athlete, Everyone needs something different. But there are some commonalities. To get faster and stronger everybody needs to be pushed just the right amount. So that's why I put an emphasis on understanding where your current fitness levels are. Once we know that we can be sure that the workouts are hard enough to facilitate growth. I've also learned the importance of taking into account an athlete's life outside of training. To be effective, training needs to be done when the athlete is both physically and mentally there. If you ignore the outside factors you'll be taken by surprise very often. I've also learned the importance of good quality feedback both on performance and execution of workouts. Often times you end up doing the same workout for a handful of weeks in a row. Part of the process is learning how to do the workouts properly and having good quality and timely feedback on training sessions allows athletes to better learn what they did well and what needs improvement. The plans also need just the right amount of flexibility. Flexibility is key to accommodate the realities of life and changes in performance, but too much and there is no time to let the training develop and produce gains. I strive to know when it is appropriate to make changes and when it’s not.

I strongly believe that when these elements are put together the best possible training can happen.

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Training plans are the quick and easy way to get started towards your goals. Select your training plan and start training, it's that simple.

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Nothing beats having a personal coach. A personal coach means there is no wondering if the workouts are right, no worrying about if you're doing the efforts correctly. No matter your fitness level, commitment, or experience, a personal coach is there to help. They know how to get the most out of training and are experts at adapting the training to fit your schedule, experience level, and goals.

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