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Emma Swartz



Emma grew up in Madison, Wisconsin where she fell in love with riding her bike. Her journey from a junior bike racer to a professional took her to Marian University where her racing reached a new level of success even riding for Trek Factory Racing. While earning a B.S. in biology, Emma raced in four U23 cyclocross world championships, many cyclocross world cups, podiumed at numerous national championships, and helped win 12 national titles across four disciplines of collegiate cycling in track, cyclocross, mountain biking, and road. Emma has the unique experience of balancing the training of being an elite female athlete with working and studying full time. She strives to empower her athletes to be the best that they can be while maintaining a healthy training and life balance.

Emma now lives in Missoula, Montana where she works full time as a Teaching Naturalist at the Montana Natural History Center. In her free time, she coaches the local Junior Elite mountain bike team, the local NICA team, and junior nordic skiing in the winter. When Emma isn’t on her bike or skis, you can find her reading a good book, learning Spanish, and trying to improve her half marathon time. Emma is a level two NICA Coach, level 100 ski coach, and SafeSport certified.

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